Forklift Safety Driving Course

Target audience

This training is aimed towards forklift drivers.


After attending this training, the participant will be able to perform the maneuvers required for the safe operation of a forklift according to national and provincial regulatory requirements.

Training description

This training is divided into two parts. As a first step, the theoretical training, then the assessment practice. During this training, participants will take knowledge of the laws and regulations governing the safe operation of forklift in Canada. Here are some of the main topics that will be discussed in the theoretical part of the training:

  • Basics related to forklifts
  • The workplace and its implications
  • The specific concepts to the conduct of a forklift truck
  • Rules and safety measures


Theoretical part: 4 hours
Practical part: the duration of the practical assessment varies according to the specific needs of each participant. Average duration of the practical assessment by participant: 30 minutes.

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Public session: not-applicable

According to the regulation on health and safety of work, the practical training of a driver must be performed in the working environment where the candidate will use the forklift and with the type of equipment that will use the driver. Reference: RSST Art. 256.3(2)

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